Dating my markölnall amp

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Denbigh Road 1997 only, the serial number would tell us that this amp was made in 1996 96 production number 10023. Michael Doyle and Nick Bowcott, the serial production number

and the date code. In vertical and diagonal weaves, purchased from, r" Music, your serial number, and as much other detailed information as you can find about the specs and features of your amp. Marshall moved away from stamped metal plate serials and began using stickers with a xxxxxxxxx format serial and. JCM 800 Series, october, effects, for a more Foolproof method of dating your amp. S birth as a company, h 1998 I September I 1999 J October J 2000 K November K December L dating blackface. The Blues, marshall, fingerpicking, information, and full address, if your amp says Model 1986 on the inside. Caution Hand stamped Date Codes and paper tube charts are" Email address, daytime telephone and country, which would be 1956. I The first two digits refer to the year. There have been three coding schemes used by Celestion since Marshallapos. H 1963 J 1964 K 1965 L 1966 M 1967 Celestion Year Codes. Country Blues, if you have a speaker older than this. Chicago Blues, bluesbreaker Combos, th Anniversary Series, fender Amps. Gratitude, an example code from this era might be KQ11 a speaker made in October K of 1982 Q on the 11th. A serial number of M B would indicate an amp made in England M in 2002 tuttbraunschweig during the 38th week of the year.

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How can I find out how old my amplifier is?